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Board FAQ’s

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How many board members are there?

The StillWaters Board is made up of 7 Board members who serve staggered three (3) year terms.  Each year either two (2) or three (3) board members are up for reelection and are elected by the general membership at the annual meeting.

Link to By-Laws

Does the SWRA Board have the authority to prevent development in SWRA?

No, SWRA does not have the authority to stop housing developments.  SWRA does have authority over building construction and repairs of non-commercial property under the 1987 Covenants.

Link to Covenants

How do I get elected to the SWRA Board?

Refer to the By-Laws of StillWaters Residential Association; Article VII; NOMINATIONS AND ELECTION OF DIRECTORS.

Link to By-Laws

How many Covenants are there in StillWaters?

There are four (4) sets of Covenants in StillWaters.

  • 1971 Covenants
  • 1974 Covenants
  • Water’s Edge Covenants
  • 1987 Covenants

Most owners have converted to the 1987 Covenants.  If you have not converted and would like to do so, follow the link below.

Link to Subjection Conversion Form

How can I serve on SWRA committees? What are the SWRA committees?

You can volunteer to serve on any committee by calling the SWRA office, signing a volunteer list at the Annual Meeting, or going to Resident Forms on the SWRA website, filling out the Volunteer form, and submitting it to the office.

Current committees are:

  • Architectural Committee,
  • Landscape Committee, and
  • Christmas Committee.

Can the SWRA board raise the HOA fees if needed to make improvements?

No.  The annual HOA fees can only be raised annually by the Federal Published Cost of Living Index.

  • This increase doesn’t produce enough annual revenue to address our future needs.
  • This is why we need to be able to update the 1987 Covenants.
Link to Covenants

Can I attend a Board Meeting?

Yes, Board meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.  If you wish to address the Board you MUST notify the Community Association Manage ten (10) days before the next meeting stating, in writing, your name, your address, your phone number, your email address, the reason you would like to address the Board, and a copy of any documents you would like to present.

Does SWRA schedule meetings for all property owners to attend?

Yes, SWRA has an annual HOA meeting and from time-to-time other meetings especially for homeowners.  These are on the calendar and announced via our eFlash sent to your email address.

If you have not signed up enter your email address in the space provided below.

Link to Annual Meeting
Link to Calendar

What are the current HOA fees and assessments?

The HOA Annual Maintenance Fee changes each year based on the Federally published Cost of Living Index.  This is published on the SWRA website.

The 1987 Covenants allow the Board to assess a $100 annual assessment that the Board approves yearly.

Link to Covenants

What is the total annual budget for SWRA?

The annual SWRA budget can be found in the Annual Presentation and Annual Report.

Link to Annual Presentation
Link to Annual Report

Can I pay my annual HOA fees using a credit card?

No, unfortunately, that is not an option currently.

How many total employees work for SWRA?

The numbers vary from time to time but are usually around 20 full-time and part-time employees.

Architectural Committee (ARC) FAQ’s

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What is the role of the Architectural Committee?

The Architectural Committee, frequently called the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is established in the 1987 Covenants.  The ARC is made up of five (5) members appointed by the SWRA Board.  ARC members are volunteers and receive no pay or compensation.  Their role is to ensure that any landscaping, painting, external repairs and new construction meets the conditions set forth in the 1987 covenants, as well as any rules developed by the ARC and made a part of Exhibit “B” of the covenants.

Link to Covenants
Link to Exhibit "B"

What is the process to obtain a Repair or Building Permit?

Follow the links below.  Exhibit “B” will explain the process in detail and the necessary forms can be found at the Permits link.

Link to Exhibit "B" of the 1987 Covenants
Link to Permits

I want to paint my house. Do I have to get ARC approval?

Yes, ARC approval is needed to paint your house or any other exterior surface.  See the permit section on the SWRA website where you will see an explanation of the permit types and requirements and the necessary forms.     No work must be done before the permit fee (if any) is paid and the permit issued.

Link to Exhibit "B"

Do I have to pay the permit fee before the permit can be issued?

Yes, the policy requires that the permit fee (if one is required) be paid before the permit is issued.

Link to Permits

Are contractors allowed to work on weekends or holidays?

Contractors can work on Saturday between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. if it is not on a holiday weekend.  Contractors are asked not to work on major holiday weekends. (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year)

Link to Exhibit "B"

Do I need approval to make changes to the outside of my house, seawall, or boat dock?

Yes, any outside work (painting, repairs, landscaping, tree removal, new construction) requires that a permit application be submitted, approved, and the permit fee (if any) paid before any work begins.

Note:   Any work within the lakebed or Alabama Power easement will require Alabama Power approval too.

Link to Permits
Link to Exhibit "B" of the Covenants

Can I cut and remove trees from my property?

Under certain circumstances, trees may be cut with prior written approval from the Architectural Committee.  The Architectural Committee recommends leaving as many trees as possible on your property.  However, we do recognize that some trees may be storm or disease-damaged, and others may pose a risk to buildings or structures.

Can you build a separate structure on your property not attached to your home?

Yes, but a building permit application must be submitted and approved by the ARC before any work can begin.  Note: Special conditions may apply.

Please see Exhibit “B” of the 1987 Covenants

Link to Exhibit "B" Link to Permits

Do I need a permit to build a treehouse on my property?

Tree houses are not allowed.   The 1987 Covenants; “Section 3.15 Trailers, etc.: No trailer, mobile home, tent, barn, tree house or other similar out building structure shall be placed on any Parcel at any time, either temporarily or permanently.”

Can I attend An ARC meeting?

Yes, ARC meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  If you wish to address the ARC you MUST notify the Assistant Community Association Manager ten (10) days before the next meeting stating, in writing, your name, your address, your phone number, your email address, the reason you would like to address the Board, and a copy of any documents you would like to present.

General FAQ’s

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Can I park my boat and trailer or trailer in my driveway or yard?

No, this is not allowed under the 1987 Covenants Section 3.15 “Trailers, etc.:  No trailer, mobile home, tent, barn, tree house or other similar outbuilding structure shall be placed on any Parcel at any time, either temporarily or permanently.”

Link to Covenants.

Can I operate a small business out of my home?

The 1987 Covenants; Section 3.14 Residential Use; Size of Dwellings:  All Parcels shall be used for single-family residential purposes exclusively.”

Can I rent my condo or home?

The 1987 Covenants; Section 3.23 “Rental of Houses: Single-family dwellings may be rented for periods of not less than thirty (30) consecutive days at a time by the owner or his authorized agent. No signs related to any such rental may be placed on a Parcel or elsewhere in StillWaters except as provided in Section 3.11 above.”

Condo and other HOAs within StillWaters also have their own Covenants that must be followed.

Do you have to use the sewer system, or can you choose to use a septic system?

If approved by the Tallapoosa County Health Department a septic system can be used.

You MUST also apply for a SWRA building permit.

Can I park my camper or motorhome in my driveway?

The 1987 Covenants; Section 3.22 “Trailers, Boats and Commercial Trucks: No trailers, boats, commercial trucks or other commercial vehicles, travel trailers or the like shall be stored, parked or permitted to remain on any Parcel except in a garage or carport, or except during periods of approved construction on a Parcel. The prohibitions in this Section 3.22 shall not apply to temporary parking of trucks and other commercial vehicles for the providing of commercial services to the Parcel.”

Can I have farm animals on my property?

The 1987 Covenants; Section; 3.8 “Offensive Activity:  No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Parcel, nor shall anything be done thereon tending to cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance, or nuisance to the neighborhood. There shall not be maintained any plants or animals, or device or thing of any sort whose normal activities or existence is in anyway noxious, dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant, or of a nature as may diminish or destroy the enjoyment of other property in the neighborhood by the owners thereof.”

Link to Covenants

Does the SWRA own or have control of the sewer system?

No.  The sewer system in SWRA is owned and operated by Harbor Point Utilities, a private company.  SWRA has NO control or input into its operation.

When will the tennis/pickleball court be repaired and will it be expanded soon?

The tennis/pickleball court was resurfaced in 2022.  We realize the surface is already cracking and pitting.  We are told that to fix the problem the court would have to be completely removed and a new court built.  Currently, SWRA doesn’t have adequate financial reserves to do this.

This is one of the reasons that StillWaters needs to update the 1987 Covenants. The Covenants as written don’t allow us to raise the annual fees more than the cost-of-living index and this doesn’t amount to enough for the upgrades we need now and in the future.

Why is there not a gate attendant at the CR34 gate?

The CR34 gatehouse does not have a bathroom and therefore does not meet OSHA regulations.

Who owns the ponds in StillWaters?

There are four ponds in StillWaters.

Three are located at the corner of Lakeview Ridge and StillWaters Drive.

  • The one on the golf course side of StillWaters Drive, Beaver Pond, is owned by the golf course.
  • The two on the lakeside of StillWaters Drive belong to Harbor Point Utility and are sedimentation ponds used for the sewer processing plant.  Only one is active even though both are full of water.

The third pond, located further down StillWaters Drive toward the CR34 gate, Oakwood Lake, belongs to StillWaters.

Is there a boat ramp within StillWaters that residents can use without a charge?

SWRA does not own any land that would allow for a boat ramp.  Harbor Pointe Marina has boat ramp access for a fee and there are public boat ramps located on Highway 34 and 50.

Does the SWRA patroller have arrest authority, and does he carry a firearm?

The SWRA patrol person does not have arrest authority; however, this person will take names, addresses, and vehicle tag numbers along with notes regarding any incident and he or she will be able to contact the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s’ Department.

The patrol person will not carry a firearm.

Will the pool and tennis courts be expanded or replaced with the addition of many new homes?

Currently, there are no plans to expand or replace either the tennis court or Pineview Pool.

The status of our financial position will not allow SWRA to increase either of the amenities at any time in the foreseeable future without a change to the 1987 Covenants.

Does SWRA own or manage the golf course and restaurant?

SWRA does not own or manage the golf course and restaurant.

Can non-licensed individuals drive a golf cart in SWRA?

No, operators of golf carts on the roads within StillWaters must have a valid driver’s license.  Additionally, all golf carts and other similar vehicles must be registered with SWRA and display a SWRA sticker on the windshield.

How big is SWRA and when was it created?

StillWaters is approximately 2,200 acres and was established on August 6, 1971.

Does the county maintain the roads in SWRA?

No, the 23 miles of roads within StillWaters are maintained by StillWaters.  This accounts for a large part of our annual expenses.

How do I prevent deer from eating my plants?

If anyone has a good answer, please let us know.

Does SWRA own or manage the marina and boat storage?

SWRA does not own or manage the marina or boat storage.

However, SWRA does have a small boat/trailer storage area close to the CR-34 gate.  This is available to lease on an annual basis.  If interested, please call the SWRA office and inquire.

Are Fireworks permitted in StillWaters?

Fireworks are not allowed in StillWaters.  This is by State Law.

What is the speed limit in StillWaters?

Unless otherwise posted the speed limit is 20 mph.

Can anyone fish in the golf course pond (Beaver Pond)?

Anyone wishing to fish in Beaver Pond must request permission from golf course management.

Can anyone use Pineview Pool or the Tennis/Pickleball Court?

The pool and tennis ball/pickleball courts use are reserved for owners, family members, and guests of residents whose property is subject to the 1987 Covenants and is a free amenity for them.  Owners who have not subjected their property to the 1987 Covenants can pay an additional annual fee to gain access.