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SWRA Special Meeting

Amendments to the By-Laws

April 6, 2024


The Special meeting was held at the SWRA Centre on April 6, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. Board members Sally Gantt, Kay Dickey, Gene Akers, Penny Alexander, Lee Eastman, Debra Knight and Tom Nicholson were present. CAM Mike Griffin and ACAM Mike Dean were also present.


Proxies had been turned in prior to the meeting and ballots cast in person at the meeting.


The required 10% of members voting by proxy or in person to meet a quorum was met. The total number of 1987 properties are currently 1695.


There were 346 total votes cast. 261 Members plus 68 SWRA owned lots voted to approve the amendments as presented for a total of 329 in favor with 17 Members voting against the changes.


The proposed Amendments to the By-Laws as presented passed overwhelmingly.

Background Information

Proposed By-Law Changes