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Governing Documents

StillWaters governing documents consist of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and four sets of covenants.  StillWaters’ long and rich history dates back to when it was planned and organized by Cecil Duffee, President of the Dadeville Lumber Company.  On August 6th, 1971 Cecil Duffee, as the first Developer of StillWaters, had the original set of Covenants recorded in the Tallapoosa County Recorder of Deeds in Volume 202 page 131.

On June 14th, 1974, Mr. Duffee signed an amendment to the 1971 Covenants.  In 1985 Mr. Duffee and the Dadeville Lumber Company sold their interests to Coosa Resorts who then prepared new Covenants which we now refer to as the 1987 Covenants.

A small number of properties remain under the 71 & 74 Covenants; however, most property owners have converted to the 1987 Covenants and the StillWaters Residential Association highly recommends this.

The process to convert to the 1987 Covenants and the benefits of doing so are below.


The word Covenant comes from both the Bible and old English common law.  It means “agreement,” “contract” or “binding obligation”.   In real estate property law, it means a set of written rules binding landowners.

All property owners within SWRA are required by their deed to comply with a set of covenants.

What this means to each owner is that they MUST review the applicable covenants before building a new house, modifying their existing house, adding or changing landscaping, building or modifying their boat dock, etc.  BEFORE funds are expended and work begins the property owner needs to submit an appropriate permit to the Architectural Committee for review and approval.

It’s important that each property owner understands the SWRA covenant that applies to them.  If they own property in a condominium or other association within StillWaters they may have additional covenants that apply.

Articles of Incorporation


1987 Covenants

Exhibit "B" to the 1987 Covenants

1974 Covenants

1971 Covenants

Waters Edge Covenants

Converting to the 1987 Covenants

SWRA aims to create a united and harmonious community by encouraging property owners under the 1971 covenants and 1974 amendments to switch to the 1987 Covenants.

This will give all residents equal rights, allow them to enjoy amenities without additional fees, and become full members of the Association. The switch will make the community more efficient and better managed, resulting in a seamless experience for everyone.

Switching over is easy and hassle-free!  The SWRA office will assist with completing the Subjection form and pay the court fees.

Download Conversion Form