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StillWaters Lots for Sale

Since the auction in 2003, when property owners took over the responsibilities of managing the residential association, SWRA has obtained ownership of various lots through the “Deed for Debt” program, where an owner turns over the parcel to SWRA instead of past due fees owed or through “Tax Sale” acquisitions. SWRA is a homeowners’ association but not a Developer. Those rights went away at the auction.

Over the years, the number of SWRA-owned lots has topped 80! The Board has always offered these lots for sale but has decided to become proactive again in trying to sell these lots to individuals. The sale of a lot relieves the association of paying property taxes and fire dues on that parcel but, more importantly, changes that lot back into one that produces fees and assessments annually. This is in addition to any money collected on the sale of the parcel.

PLEASE note that if you have a tree-covered lot next to you and want it to remain that way, it may be a good time for you to purchase it. Over the years, we have found that people often assume that the lot next to them will remain as it is, and they are surprised or upset when someone starts building on that lot. Don’t wait until it is too late for you if you want to protect the lovely wooded area next to you! SWRA has contracted with Associate Broker Sealy Hargrove of Roots Real Estate. We are listing a few in MLS at the time.

The lot sales program has been successful, as we have closed on many already and have offers in the works on many others. This is great for all SWRA property owners!

If you are interested in a SWRA-owned lot, don’t hesitate to contact Sealy directly at or by phone at 334-444-4527.