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Guidelines for Use of StillWaters Resdiential Association Centre

These rules governing the use of the SWRA meeting facilities are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Directors. Interpretation and enforcement is at the sole discretion of the Community Administrator.

Use of the SWRA meeting facilities is restricted to SWRA (1987 covenants) members in good standing and their guests.

1. SWRA Board and Committees of SWRA shall have priority use of the meeting facility.
2. SWVF&R and The Living Waters church may use the facility free of charge for Board meeting and functions.
3. Condo Associations that are members of StillWaters Residential Association may use the room free of charge for their Board of Directors meetings or full condo association meetings.
4. The pool area cannot be reserved. No function shall be held where attendees will be allowed to jointly use the building facility and the pool area.
5. Adult Property Owners (21 years and older) may rent the facility for personal use or for social, club, organizations they belong to or business groups to which they belong.


Reservations must be made by a SWRA Member (current with the Association dues & fees) who will be present the entire time of the event. This person shall be responsible for booking, picking up key, un-locking & locking and returning key as well as cleaning up facility and disposing properly of their trash. Prior to any reservation agreement the Community Administrator will confirm the eligibility of Property Owners


Ongoing Basis
1. Small groups on an ongoing weekly or bi-weekly basis may use the facility for $30 per month (weekly group) or $15 per month (bi-weekly group).
2. There will be no required deposit.
3. Reservations may be made no earlier than two weeks in advance. This will be done with the understanding that they may be “bumped” if the room is needed by an SWRA committee or Board with a minimum two-day notice.

Limited Usage – Other than weddings or receptions
1. Usage by groups of less than 20 attendees will be charged $75 per use plus $300 deposit.
2. Groups with more than 20 attendees but less than 50 will be charged $175 usage fee plus $300 deposit.
3. Groups of 51 or MORE will require a usage fee of $400 plus the $300 deposit.
4. The facility may be reserved for the above functions no earlier than three months in advance.

Wedding Or Receptions
1. Facility may be rented for $500 plus a $500 deposit.
2. A SWRA Special Events Coordinator will be on site for informational purposes.
3. Facility may be reserved up to six months in advance.
4. Reservation does not require an SWRA Member sponsor.
5. Tents may be allowed upon special approval.


In case of Emergency contact: REAL EMERGENCY dial 911 SWRA Gate Attendant: 256-825-0208 or StillWaters Volunteer Fire Department 256-825-0582 or Tallapoosa County Sheriff 256-825-4264.
1. Maximum Room occupancy – Open Space (Minimal Chairs and Tables is 150.
2. Maximum Room occupancy – With Tables and Chairs is 70.
3. No open flames or candles allowed.
4. Alcohol based systems for food warming (such as Styrno) is allowed but caution is stressed.
5. Minimal use of extension cords please. StillWaters Residential Association Centre Guidelines Revised by SWRA Board of Directors, September 28, 2010 Page 3 of 4
6. Parking is not allowed on the main street (StillWaters Drive). Overflow parking may be taken to Moon Brook Park and the few spots by Beaver Pond then shuttled to facility. This is to insure the clear passage for emergency vehicles.
7. Doorways must be kept clear at all times.


1.No illegal activities are allowed.
2. No decorations shall be taped, tacked or nailed to the walls or ceilings.
3. No groups may leave food or supplies stored at the residential association.
4. The building shall be a smoke free facility. No smoking inside the facility shall be permitted.
5. No pets are allowed in the meeting room at any time.
6. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to midnight.
7. No music allowed outside of building.
8. All SWRA Members will be expected to participate in keeping the facility clean and orderly. Members must dispose of any personal waste generated by them or their guests during their visit to the facility.
9. Users shall bring all their own refreshments, supplies and condiments and shall clean up ALL trash, table and countertops upon leaving. No unused refreshments, supplies or condiments shall be left in the facility. Trash shall be taken to proper disposal site (barrels outside).
10. If condition of facility is left clean with no damage as determined by the Community Administrator and the key is returned, the deposit (a returnable sum payable on the rental to cover any possible loss or damage) will be returned within 10 days of the key being received by the Community Administrator.
11. Any damage to the room caused by any Member or their guests will be repaired by SWRA at the expense of the Member reserving the facility. Any property lost or damaged as a result of carelessness or misuse shall be replaced or repaired at the expense of the Member reserving the facility.

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