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SWRA Community Association Manager Message

Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends travel from all over to get together and catch up on what has happened over the past year, talk about the future, count their blessings, and sadly sometimes mourn the loved ones they have lost that year. StillWaters lost the founding member of its family on October 28th with the passing of Cecil Duffee. It is not a time to mourn but a time to remember that Cecil Duffee started this great place known as StillWaters that many of us love.

Cecil had a vision for his family property on Lake Martin that was ahead of his time. He knew that Lake Martin would be one of the most sought-after destinations in the state of Alabama. He made StillWaters one of its crown jewels. His obituary is in this month’s newsletter. Please read it to learn more about Cecil. There will be a service for Cecil at the Living Waters Church, the church his wife “Sis” helped found, on Saturday, November 5th at 11 am CST.

The StillWaters Residential Association Board of Directors has approved continuing the $100 assessment for 2022. It will be collected along with the 2023 annual association fee. Also at the November 1st meeting, the SWRA board approved an increase of the StillWaters annual fee from $433 to $471. Per the recorded StillWaters covenants, the annual fee can only increase each year by the percentage of the annual Cost of Living Average (COLA).

The Pineview Pool and the restrooms at the pool are closed for the season. The pool is scheduled to reopen in March or as allowed by warmer temperatures. Please do not attempt to use the pool while it is closed.

Think you know everything there is to know about StillWaters Residential Association or the four sets of covenants that govern our community? There is a short quiz in this newsletter. Take the quiz and check your answers. The answers are located in the advertisement section of this newsletter. You might be surprised at some of the answers.

Each year SWRA publishes an owner’s directory. The name and contact information of StillWaters owners is not automatically listed in the directory. Owners must request their information be published in the directory by completing and returning the owner information request form located on page 14 in this newsletter. If you were listed in the 2022 directory you do not have to resubmit a new form, only changes to your information need to be submitted.

The annual Christmas decorations will be installed starting November 14th. The Christmas committee and the maintenance crews work hard each year to design, build, maintain, and decorate our community. This year more decorations are being added throughout StillWaters. Although decorations go up before Thanksgiving; the lights will not be turned on until after Thanksgiving.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Be careful if you are traveling away from StillWaters for the holiday; but why travel? Invite everyone to come to see you in StillWaters and enjoy everything our community has to offer.

Kevin Eason, General Manager