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Permit Application Process

Article II, Section 2.2 of the 1987 Covenants read:

“2.2 Approval Required:  No building, fence or other structure shall be commenced, erected, placed, moved on to or permitted to remain on any Parcel, nor shall any existing upon any Parcel be altered in any way which materially changes the exterior appearance thereof, nor shall any existing structure upon any Parcel be altered in any way which materially changes the exterior appearance thereof, nor shall any new use be commenced on any Parcel, unless plans and specifications (including a description of any proposed new use) thereof shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural committee.  Such plans and specifications shall be in such form and shall contain such information as may be required by the Architectural Committee,”

“3.19 Trees:  No trees measuring six (6) inches or more in diameter at ground level may be cut or removed without the written approval of the Architectural committee unless located within ten (10) feet of the main dwelling or accessory building or within ten (10) feet of the approved site for such building.”

Anyone wishing to begin any activity as described above MUST submit one of the following permit applications for the specific project.  The types of permits are:

  • Emergency Permit. Issued by phone (258-825-2990 – press 5 for the Associate Community Association Manager) to address an emergency created by a storm, fire, or flooding.

Note:  After the emergency has been mitigated a suitable application for a permit must be submitted to the Architectural Committee.  

  • No-Cost Repair Permit.
  • Small Project Permit.
  • Medium Project Permit
  • Building Construction Permit
  • Infrastructure Permit.

Each of these is described in detail with the instructions below.

  1. Each permit type must be fully completed and submitted along with all the required documents for that permit type.
  2. The permit request must be delivered to the SWRA office in person or by mail.
  3. The office staff will determine if the submitter is in “good standing.” No outstanding balances or delinquent fines.
    1. If the submitter is not in “good standing,” the permit application will be returned to the submitter.
    2. If the submitter is in “good standing,” the application will be forwarded to the Architectural Committee for their review at the next meeting. The Committee meets at 4:00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.
  4. The Architectural Committee will review the permit application to determine if it meets the standards as outlined in the 1987 Covenants including this Exhibit “B.”
    1. If the permit does not have the required documents and/or meet the standards the submitter will be notified and allowed to correct any deficiencies and the application will be reconsidered at the next available meeting after the deficiencies have been corrected.
    2. If the permit has all the required documents and meets the standards.
      1. The Architectural Committee will decide if the application meets the criteria for a no-cost permit. If the application does not meet the criteria for a no-cost permit the Architectural Committee will determine the permit cost following the most recently published permit fee schedule.
      2. If the application is determined to be a no-cost application the approved permit will be posted on the property by SWRA staff.
  • If a permit fee is due, the submitter will be invoiced for the permit.
  1. Once SWRA has received the invoiced permit fee the permit will be posted on the submitter’s property by SWRA staff, and you will be notified by email that it is ok to proceed.

NOTE:  No work shall begin until the appropriate fees have been paid and the approved permit is posted on the property.

Beginning work before the permit is posted on the property may result in work stoppage, fines, or the permit being revoked.

NOTE:  Security deposits or balances remaining after deductions for fines or other remedies will not be refunded until:

  1. The Architectural Committee verifies that all work and cleanup have been done, or
  2. If new residential construction all work and cleanup have been done and a Certificate of Occupancy has been delivered to the SWRA office.

Basis for approval or disapproval of proposed plans and specifications.

1.              All properly submitted plans and specifications shall be reviewed by at least fifty percent of the committee’s members.

2.              Any approval of plans and specifications will be shown on the submitted application and contain at least fifty percent of the committee’s signatures before a permit is issued.

3.              Any proposed plan or modification that does not conform to any article of declaration of the Protective Covenants will be a basis for disapproval.

4.              If, after approval has been given, new information is received by the Committee, the permit may be canceled, withdrawn, or changed even after construction has begun.

5.              If unanticipated site conditions require any deviation from the permitted plans after construction has begun, the Committee must be notified in writing as to the modifications for approval or disapproval and the Committee may cancel, withdraw, or modify the existing permit.

6.              No work on changes shall begin before Committee approval.


Types of Permits

StillWaters has six (6) types of building permit applications:

  • Emergency Permit
  • No-Cost Repair Permit
  • Small Project Permit
  • Medium Project Permit
  • Building Construction Permit.
  • Infrastructure Permit

Their purpose, requirements, fees, and required forms can be found in the sections below.