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Building Permits


No exterior work shall begin before a permit application has been approved.  Failure to secure an approved permit before work is begun will result in a fine.

StillWaters has four types of building permit applications. No-Cost, Small Project, Infrastructure Permit, and Building Construction Permit.

  • NO-Cost Permit – The no-cost permit is used for small repairs like replacing roofing, repairing decayed/rotten wood, seawall repair, exterior painting, replacing broken glass, removing trees, and repairing minor storm damage.
  • Small Project Permit – The small project permit is used for projects like adding a patio, garage, deck, pergola, or similar project to your property.  A small project permit is for additions under $5,000.  Link to requirements    Link to Fee Schedule    Link to Form
  • Infrastructure Permit – The infrastructure permit applies to planned developments where a developer is clearing/grading land, installing utilities, building roads, and repairing the site.  There is a no-cost permit however, the project will require permit approval including a performance bond before any work is performed. Link to requirements    Link to Fee Schedule   Link to Form
  • Building Construction Permit – The building construction permit application is used for new single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartments, condos, cluster homes, duplexes, townhomes, or row homes or projects costing over $5,000.  Link to requirements    Link to Fee Schedule  Link to Form