General Manager Message

From the General Manager

The StillWaters Residential Association annual meeting is just around the corner. Make plans now to attend the meeting on Saturday, March 10, 2018. The meeting will start a 10am and is held in the SWRA Centre community room located at 1816 StillWaters Drive. Coffee, donuts, and hot topics will be served.

Election ballots for the SWRA Board of Directors will be mailed on February 7, 2018. Association members will be voting to fill the two open board seats being  vacated by Mike Dollar and David Hargrove. The Nominating Committee interviewed and vetted several candidates for the two open seats. They choose Lee   Eastman and Ken Ledbetter to run for the two board positions. As of the printing of this newsletter no other qualified property owners have informed the association of their intention to run by petition for one of the open board seats. The SWRA documents require the association to mail ballots for the Board of Directors election even when the number of candidates equals the number of open seats.

All 2018 SWRA annual dues were scheduled to be paid by January 31, 2018.  Property owners who do not pay their 2018 SWRA annual dues before February 15, 2018 will incur a $125 non-payment fee. Property owners who need a little more time to pay their dues can set up a payment plan at the SWRA office but the payment plan must be signed and submitted before February 15, 2018.

The 2018 StillWaters owner window decals will be included in the board election ballot mailing. The window decals will be mailed to owners who have paid their fees as of January 31, 2018. Owners may also come by the SWRA office to obtain their window decals. After February 15, 2018, gate attendants will require all vehicles to stop at the main entrance gate that do not have a 2018 window decal   displayed in the lower corner on the driver’s side of their vehicle windshield.

Golf carts are becoming a popular means of transportation in StillWaters. They are great for the environment and help reduce congestion on our roads. All golf carts must be registered with the SWRA office. Please read the SWRA golf cart policy in this newsletter. 

The Recreation Committee sponsored a new owner’s social that was held on January 13th. Several new owners and guests attended the event. Special thanks to Tom Dyne and his committee for all their hard work and Amanda Hoffman for catering the event. The socials are a great place to meet other StillWaters property owners. The Recreation Committee is working on plans for another social that will be held late spring or early summer. Check future newsletters for information about the next  social.

We had a great holiday season at StillWaters. The decorations were some of the best I have seen in several years but the holiday season is over and it is time to pack away those decorations until next year. There are still a few houses with decorations left over from the holidays. Please remove all remaining holiday decorations as soon as possible.

Looking for something special for that special Valentine? There are several excellent restaurants and local merchants around StillWaters that have just that perfect Valentines gift. Please shop locally and help support our local merchants.

Kevin Eason, General Manager