General Manager Message

From the General Manager

The summer vacation season may be winding down but the fall football season is just getting kicked off. There are always plenty of friendly favorite team rivalries between StillWaters property owners and their guests. Whatever team you pull for, make sure you enjoy the upcoming football season in StillWaters. Why fight that game day traffic around the stadium when most games can be watched on your TV with friends and family.

There are several social clubs and groups in StillWaters that are always looking for new members. Most of the clubs/groups meet in the community room located in the StillWaters Centre. On Wednesday and Friday morning, the bridge club meets. Thursday morning is the Game Day group, they play card and board games. Twice  a month on Thursday afternoons the Bid Whist card group meets. The StillWaters yacht club will soon start meeting on Friday evenings. Anyone interested in obtaining additional information about these clubs and groups can contact the SWRA office and we will provide you with their contact information. There is always something to do in StillWaters.

The Stillwaters golf course has seen a big improvement over the past couple of years. The course is in great shape and the pro shop has a great selection of items to fit any golfers need. Call Gabby at the pro shop 256-825-1353, he can arrange lessons for someone who is just starting started in the sport or place a seasoned pro in one of the weekly dog fight groups. The cooler fall temperatures are just right for enjoying a round of golf at StillWaters.

Seems like I have mentioned our annual paving and drainage project in the last three newsletters but it is a topic I am asked about on a regular basis. The original road paving and patching start date of July 17th is long gone. The rainy weather during the first part of the summer put the paving company behind schedule. We considered moving to the next lowest bid but there would be a significant cost     difference. The paving company has contacted me and are almost caught up completing their larger projects. They plan on coming to StillWaters sometime in September. After the paving and patching is completed, then the drainage work that is planned will be completed. I realize there are several utility cuts and pot holes on a couple of the main roads that can cause an unpleasant ride but just bear with us a little longer soon they will be repaired.

You may have noticed that construction has started for several new houses. Most builders like to start work this time of year so the houses will be ready for the spring selling season. The new houses mean there will be more construction crews and equipment along the roadsides. Please slow down and obey the speed limits around these new houses. Remember the speed limit on most roads is 20 MPH, only   Moonbrook, StillWaters Drive, Stagecoach, and Lakeview Ridge have a higher speed limit of 35 MPH.

StillWaters is a great place to enjoy the less hectic fall season on Lake Martin.   Lower temperatures and less humidity make our community a great place to walk, run, or bike. Get out and enjoy everything StillWaters has to offer.

Kevin Eason, General Manager