General Manager Message

From the General Manager

We had a great Memorial Day weekend in StillWaters. The Family Fun Festival  was a big hit and the weather was perfect for the festival. There are pictures in this   newsletter from the festival. This was a great event to kick off the summer in StillWaters. A special thank you to the SWRA employees, Recreation committee, and volunteers who helped make the day a success.

 June 5th is Election Day for the Democrat and Republican primaries. Please make sure you go vote. Your vote for a candidate might be the deciding one that puts them in the general election this November. The voting location for permanent residents in StillWaters who are registered to vote is the Paces Point Volunteer Fire Department located on County Road 34.

 Starting June 6th, the new gate system for the tennis courts and Pineview pool will go into effect. All property owners must have a new electronic card to open either gate. The new electronic cards can be purchased at the SWRA office for a price of $10. Owners can only purchase one card per property.

 The SWRA Board has approved painting the portion of the fence owned by SWRA as you enter the back gate. This work should start the first of June. The new paint color will be the updated brown that can be seen on all SWRA buildings.

 Construction of the new townhome development, Villas on The Green, at the intersection of Moonbrook Drive and StillWaters Drive has started. The amount of traffic around this already busy intersection will increase during the construction phase and during the summer months. Please drive carefully and bring your vehicle to a complete stop when stopping at this intersection. Drivers have a tendency to roll through the intersection without stopping; don’t be the one who causes an accident by not coming to a complete stop.

 SWRA owns a number of vacant lots in StillWaters that are listed for sale. Now is the time to purchase an SWRA lot either as a buffer between you and your neighbor or as an investment. Lot prices are going up quickly and with all StillWaters has to offer these lots will soon sell. Contact the SWRA office for a list of lots offered for sale.

 SWRA recently caught a property owner manually lifting up the gate arm at the back gate. SWRA is currently prosecuting that person for criminal mischief and vandalism. Manually lifting the gate arm damages the gear box and a new gear box cost $900. Remember SWRA has very good cameras at the back gate that record your tag number, your vehicle, and the person damaging any component of the back gate. Before someone makes the wrong decision to try and circumvent the gates, make sure you smile for the cameras.

 StillWaters Golf Club is the perfect place to spend the day. Start with a challenging round of golf in the morning, grab lunch on the nine hole turn. Eat a great evening meal with friends and family at Coppers Grill and enjoy the live music at night. All at the same location-StillWaters Golf Club. 

Kevin Eason, General Manager