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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

From the General Manager

The daily temperatures are a little cooler and the tree leaves have just started to turn from green to different shades of yellow and red in StillWaters.  Fall is officially here and that means football is in full swing.

I always enjoy the friendly and sometimes not so friendly rivalries between fans of different football teams.  StillWaters is located in the heart of football country.  We have fans of teams from all over the United States.  Auburn, Alabama, Georgia and Florida may have the most fans in StillWaters but the fans for other teams such as UCLA, Illinois, Notre Dame, Navy, and others are just as dedicated and vocal when supporting their teams.   I can always tell when there is a big game on TV, the traffic on our roads almost disappears.

The paving and drainage project for 2014 has been completed and within budget.  With 23 miles of paved roads in StillWaters, the Roads Committee has to carefully determine what roads can be repaired, which ones can wait until next year, and not exceed the budget.  If your road did not get repaired this year, don’t worry, it is still on the list and will be repaired when it is needed and allowed by the budget.

You may have noticed that construction has started on a new building adjacent to the back gate on County Road 34.  It will be an attractive multi-use retail building designed to accommodate different types of businesses.  Although the new building will be adjacent to StillWaters, it will only be accessible from County Road 34.  The building owner will plant trees and other screening plants between the building and StillWaters residential property so the building will not be as noticeable from StillWaters.  The new building will be a welcome addition to County Road 34.

There are still reservations available for StillWaters property owners who would like to attend the FREE Medicare seminar that will be held in the SWRA Centre Community Room on Tuesday, October 28th, beginning at 12 noon.  Lunch will be provided by Aliant Bank.  Please read the article in this newsletter about the seminar.

I have talked to several Realtors in the area and all are excited about the improvement in the real estate market around StillWaters.  The number of real estate closings have increased over the past couple of years.  We have welcomed many new property owners into StillWaters.  There are several new houses that have been approved by the Architectural Review Committee that will be constructed in the coming months.  Remember if you are considering building a new house or sprucing up the exterior of your existing house, make sure you contact the SWRA office and obtain Architectural Review Committee approval before starting a new house or making any changes or repairs to your existing house.

The Neighborhood Council sponsored quarterly social will be Saturday, October 11th starting at 6pm in the SWRA Centre Community Room.  The theme is Oktoberfest.  Bring an appetizer to share and come meet new friends and get reacquainted with old friends.  I hope to see you at the social. 

Enjoy the colorful Fall season in StillWaters.


Kevin Eason, General Manager                           





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